Re: Master of Puppets is 33 today

Date:2019-03-04 04:40:32
Edited:2019-03-04 04:45:30
In Reply To:Master of Puppets is 33 today by Pirage
Pirage proclaimed:
I first heard this album around 1991-92 some time. I think I borrowed the cassette from the local library as I recall. My favorite song is the title track followed by maybe Battery and Orion.

When did you first set ear upon this legendary album and what are your fave songs?

It was after Cliff died but before $5.98 EP happened, so 86-87. I had it taped on a Maxell-90, so it's 45 minutes a side, one a album per side, and some albums would cut off, so I didn't hear all of "Damage, Inc." til some time later. I'm pretty sure on my tape I had "Stay Hungry" on the other side:D

Favorite songs were the title track, "Battery," and whatever I had from "Damage, Inc." It was very prestigious to have heard it, Metallica became very popular; the Soviet youth press didn't even bash the album, and said it was topically socially relevant. "Leper Messiah" even made my previously much frowned upon Ziggy love somewhat cool in school. Metallica and Helloween had to have been the most popular new bands of 86-87 in my area.

I wasn't thrilled with "Orion" not being last, like "The Call of Ktulu" was, as I lost most of "Damage, Inc."
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