Re: Master of Puppets is 33 today

Date:2019-03-03 21:26:40
In Reply To:Master of Puppets is 33 today by Pirage
I first heard this album around 1991-92 some time. I think I borrowed the cassette from the local library as I recall. My favorite song is the title track followed by maybe Battery and Orion.

When did you first set ear upon this legendary album and what are your fave songs?

My fdirst exposure to Metallica was the multiple versions of the One video, including that movie footage which inspired the song in the first place. Still have nightmares thinking about Johhny Got His Gun.
My summer camp counselor had a tape player with AJ4A then.
I got that tape once camp was over. Completely missed their earlier stuff until Black album in 91. and that summer I was still away at camp missing everything. Sandman fever came, but I never really took the effort to get Black album or catch up until I entered college in Fall of '96, and even then, my tastes were not aligned with Thrash or Metallica. I was just getting into Ryche and Fates and Tool and (King) Crimson after plucking around with Rush and Primus. I used Record & Tape Traders and other USed disc music shops (remember those?) to finally catch up.

Sure, Master of Puppets is their best album, even if it's just a song for song match to Ride the Lightning with better sonics. I still kinda love AJ4A. Only thing after which warms my heart was Garage Inc.
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