Asshole Of The Week: David Shankle, Manowar's Worst Guitarist

Date:2019-03-03 15:28:56
I've heard enough to never think highly of anyone associated with the band, but this is a new level of shit.

Regarding Karl Logan's child pornography charges, he said:

Unfortunately, that's a sad thing, when I found out about that, that Karl was arrested with some B.S. about child pornography
Calling it BS. Good start, jerk. Then he said:

I hope, for Karl's sake and his family, that he will come out of this standing strong, and if there is any truth to any of it that he'll get the help that he needs because he's a great guitar player
Whether or not Karl is actually a great player, that's the last thing that should be on anyone's mind. The guy is accused of something truly heinous, and all Shankle can think about is playing guitar. Logan is accused of taking part in one of the ugliest things a human can do, and Shankle doesn't even talk as though he realizes it's a crime. He's entirely worried about his friend who (allegedly) participated in the exploitation and abuse of children, and not one lick about the actual victims.

Shankle's guitar masturbation has always been lousy, but now he's proven himself to be just as bad a person.

The world was so much better before we were able to hear from famous people every minute of the day. They'd all be better off shutting the hell up.
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