Re: PMX2 Weekly Playlist thread

Author:Brian Taylor
Date:2019-03-03 01:40:39
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Weekly Playlist thread by teonzo
Do you like it?
Pretty much. Sometimes you just want some Nordic Easy Cheese which feels like junior anime theme songs... and Amberian Dawn have better songs than most of their colleagues.
What's your take on this?
I'm eagerly anticipating the part in my backlog excavation when I get past the rougher early days of Converge.
Heard the title track on the radio and thought it'd be fun to dust the album off.
What's your favourite song on this?
"America", with "My Love for This Land", "Unto the Ends of the Earth", and "Obsession" scrambling for contention underneath it.
How much did you like it?
Nickelback inadvertently write some good songs, although I'm pretty sure they don't know what might be good about them and certainly don't perform them well.
Please tell me about this band, I don't know who they are.
Melodic, psychedelic stoner/doom with a pretty strong woman vocalist.
Is this as good as all people say?
It's pretty good. I need to give it more time.
How would you compare it with the others in their discography?
Honestly, I think it's probably their best overall album with Joseph Williams on vocals. Nowhere near as much weak-tea R&B as Fahrenheit and more consistent in quality than The Seventh One.
Is this as bad as their Latin skills?
The intro crashing into "Enoch" is pretty much what metal should be all about.
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