Date:2019-03-01 20:58:58
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Michael Blevins
Michael Blevins proclaimed:
Yeah, Dale was the real deal - she delivered live like nobody's business. Pity Collins was such a mess that it destroyed the band.
Dale was great, especially on that first album, goddamn! Love her voice. As for Allen, I certainly see how his burden just got too heavy to bear: he sat next to Steve and Cassie Gaines and Del Kilpatrick on that last flight - all of whom were killed in the crash, dying literally all around him; then, just as things are looking up, Katy Collins dies giving birth to their third child right as the new band launched the tour. Everyone knows how it ended up for Allen (and his poor girlfriend), but I can understand how all that would drive a man to utter despair: anyone in his place would be hard pressed to keep it together, and as someone who can relate to Allen's hypo-manic personality, I deeply sympathize.
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