Re: PMX2 Weekly Playlist thread

Author:Michael Blevins
Date:2019-03-01 16:38:36
In Reply To:PMX2 Weekly Playlist thread by BenMech

Xentrix - Shattered Existence:

They came out of nowhere, I only knew they existed because a Kerrrang! concert review called them the best British thrash band, and this album kills.

They went more mid-tempo with the next one, which seems to be a disease with British thrash bands!

Rossington-Collins Band - Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere:

Funny that von listened to both albums this, since I pulled "Don't Misunderstand Me" for a playlist for my daughter of what I listened to as a freshman in high school, so I listened to the whole thing. Still a really good record, even if it's not Matt Johnsen From Pharaoh's kind of music. ;)

Attacker - The Second Coming:

This was a no-brainer. Still love this album.

Queensryche - The Verdict:

Hardly up there with RFO, but a pretty solid listen. If some of that DeGarmo quirkiness would work its way back into the band, they could be formidable again - something I never thought I would say.

Inter Arma - Citadel:

Heavy, but kind of missing a point, IMO.

Walls of Blood - Imperium:

Seems like those should be the other way around...Anyway, something from Drover that I kinda like. Much livelier than Eidolon was. Lots of guests.

Light week.

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