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Date:2019-02-28 15:30:14
In Reply To:PMX2 Weekly Playlist thread by BenMech
In Flames - I, The Mask

Dammit, I think I like an In Flames album again. Maybe it's just because it's better than the last disaster, but this is fairly good alternative rock.

A New Revenge - Enemies And Lovers

Ripper found a band that doesn't suck ass! This is rock, not metal, so he doesn't scream his head off, and hence it actually has some melodies. Pretty good, actually.

Bloodbound - Rise Of The Dragon Empire

The copycats are copycatting again. Philosophically, I hate these guys with their constant theft of other band's sounds.

Wheel - Moving Backwards

Soen/Tool-ish, but without much songwriting.

Twin Temple - Bring You Their Signature Sound... Satanic Doo-Wop

This is a weird one, but it's also kind of fun. Makes for an interesting diversion.

Weezer - The Black Album

Holy hell, this is awful. If it wasn't for Ripper and Devin Townsend, it would easily be the worst half hour of the year. As it stands, this is gong to be a heck of a race for what sucks the hardest.
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