Re: PMX2 Weekly Playlist thread

Date:2019-02-28 13:06:53
In Reply To:PMX2 Weekly Playlist thread by BenMech
Becker Jason - "Perpetual Burn"
My favourite guitar hero album. More than all he is a life hero.

Chroma Key - "Dead Air for Radios"
When I start listening to it I always think "damn, I should pick this CD more often", when I finish it I always think "I don't feel the need to re-listen to it soon".

Nox Mortis - "7 Lies"
This is having staying power, on one side I'm happy and positively surprised, on the other side I feel totally idiot for buying it and never listening for almost 20 years.

Scheitan - "Berzerk 2000"
This CD has the same story as Nox Mortis: bought it when it came out 20 years ago, never touched it until it resurfaced few days ago. This is a nice digipack too made with fake leather (maybe I put them away because I did not want to ruin them? I'm too old to remember). Unfortunately this is not as good as Nox Mortis, not bad either, just average black/death that did not grab my attention.

Sinoath - "Research"
First album by this Italian band from the mid 90's (never listened to anything they made after the reunion). Music is personal, I'd say a mix of death, doom and gothic, with some pseudo classical thrown in here and there. There are many good ideas and I keep listening to this CD at least once a year. It could have been better though: production is average (guitars are thin and fuzzy), vocals are monotone and mediocre.

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