Re: Thorsday Soundoff - 7 February

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-02-08 13:50:10
In Reply To:Re: Thorsday Soundoff - 7 February by DaveG
Astronoid - Astronoid

This is so wholesome and uplifting. I wish I had a dog to pet while listening to this.
I haven't heard it yet - I'm just going to pick up a copy when I see the band next week. I wish their melodies and riffing were a bit more engaging, but the general vibe of their schtick is really appealing nonetheless.
Realm - Suiciety

The reunion announcement made me break out this classic.
I'm so stoked! What are the odds that guy can still hit those highs? I guess if John Arch can do it...
Moon Tooth - Chromaparagon

These guys are so original and underrated. They have a new one coming out soon so I went back and listened to this absolute beast of an album. Also, I had no idea that the dude from this band plays guitar in Riot V now, pretty cool.
Yeah, that guy is/was a student of Mike Flyntz. He's an insanely great player, and really inventive. I think the singer is kind of weak, but I generally like what they're going for. They're like a modern Into Another.
Peter Gabriel - Up

An underrated part of his solo discography.
I am not super familiar with anything after So, and even that one I don't much care for, but Gabriel is a genius.

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