Re: Thorsday Soundoff - 7 February

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-02-07 19:27:03
In Reply To:Thorsday Soundoff - 7 February by Brian Taylor
Hollow - Modern Cathedral
You need a copy of their s/t EP? I have a spare.
TesseracT - Polaris
Seeing them next week with Astronoid and BTBAM.
Voivod - Kronik

My shit:

Protector - Urm the Mad. I really wish I liked Protector more. I keep trying, and they definitely have their moments, but they're ultimately just not that awesome.

Masquerade - Flux. This is a very mid 90s album - TNT clone tries to go modern. And it works. Weird.

Mahmoud Ahmed - Almaz. Ethiopian singer, crooning over some weird 70s east African grooves.

Old Man's Child - In Defiance of Existence. Their best, hands down.

Mystère de Notre Dame. One of the best Italian prog metal albums from the golden 90s.

Týr - Land. Psyched for the new one! I wish they'd write more slow songs, though. Not sure I've ever thought that about any band, ever.

Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos. I like this better than the last one, and definitely prefer it to everything since Storm, except for Cold, which seems destined to be forgotten by the band entirely, sadly.

Fifth Angel - The Third Secret. Solid album, but it's not THAT great. I don't understand at all why von would like this and not dozens of other Guillaume-approved albums.

Alcatrazz - No Parole from Rock N Roll. Classic!

Narita - Changes. Random pull from the racks. Not the greatest band, but good for unambitious mid 90s euro trad metal. This is the best of their albums, I'd say. They sorta morphed into Prime Time, with the original Labyrinth singer, after one more album. Fun fact: Tim Aymar was the original Prime Time singer, but didn't make it to the album stage.

Mystic Force - Another World, The Eternal Quest. Man, I fucking love MF. Rich has a new djent project which is not very good. I wish he'd just make an end run around Keith and restart MF with Chris and some new singer. Bobby can't be replaced, but you could come close!

Mindmaze - Mask of Lies. I like all their albums, but the first is my fave.

Mindrot - Dawning. I had Forlorn and Soul, and I liked them, so I finally got around to buying this, and it's actually much better than the others. For a doom death band, they go fast pretty regularly, and the drummer was great. I will be spending a little more time with these guys in the coming weeks, I think.

Mundanus Imperium - The Spectral Spheres Coronation. This album is great. The music is kind of generic 3rd wave black metal, like a cheap Dimmu Borgir, but with Jorn on vocals, it really becomes something better. It's like the black metal equivalent of Gardenian's Soul Burner.

At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul. Another classic!

Duran Duran - Notorious, Big Thing. I always write off Notorious because I don't like the title track, and I was mad at them (at the time) for moving on sans two Taylors. But then I think, "Well, Nick and Simon made that awesome Arcadia album without Andy Taylor..." and I give it a spin, and that's when I remember that actually, the title track is one of the best songs on the album. Big Thing is much better, I'd say, but it's aged VERY poorly. Dare I continue to the dread Liberty? No good can come of that!

UFO - Phenomenon. Yes another classic! I love peak Schenker.

Brian Wilson - SMiLE. So much better than the pieced-together Beach Boys release, although to hear all the Wilson boys ah-ing and ooh-ing "Our Prayer" is reason enough to go for the original. Certainly the most compelling reason. Meanwhile, there's this.

Julian Priester - Love, Love. From an age when anyone who even knew Herbie Hancock was cranking out the most killer funky jazz you ever heard.

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