Re: Who's better Q/F

Date:2019-02-06 20:47:02
Edited:2019-02-06 20:48:20
In Reply To:Who's better Q/F by Pirage
Maiden over Sabbath. Sabbath has more great albums, and more albums that I enjoy. But Maiden between Number and Seventh Son, plus or minus one album in either direction for those whose tastes diverge from mine a bit, was the best of the best for me, and they are still relevant live while Sabbath is...uh...less relevant live.

Van Halen over Candlemass in a weird matchup. Your magical sorting hat pulled a strange pairing there.

Queensryche over Death. I appreciate Death, which is more than I can say for any Tateryche stuff post Empire, but I loved the EP through Mindcrime and liked Empire, which is more than any Death material does for me.

Metallica over Queen. I like Queen, which is more than I can say for any Metallica between the Black album and Death Magnetic, but I loved Kill 'em All through Justice and liked the Black album. So...yeah.

It's interesting that of these eight bands, at least four of them and probably five if you count poor Gary Cherone have gone through spells of greatness and then spells of mediocrity if not worse.
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