New Stuff This Week

Author:Kevin Madden
Date:2019-02-04 20:30:29
Inglorious - RIde to Nowhere
More of the same. Dude has a pretty spectacular voice. If you like your bluesy hard rock, this is hard to beat.

Starbreaker - Dysphoria
Harnell and Karlsson (but sadly not Macaluso) put out another one. This is really missing that little something that Johnny Mac adds to the stew. Not bad, but nowhere near as good as the first two.

Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos
In a similar vein to the last, self-titled release. Much, much better than their output from the previous ~25 years since "Drift." Easy listening thrash.

Evergrey - The Atlantic
I'm liking it. Tom's voice fits so much better here than elsewhere (sorry, Nick). Their last one was pretty good, too. A nice rebirth for a band that, for me, had kind of fallen off of a sonic cliff.

Another big week ahead on 22 Feb, where the new DT, Candlemass ,Overkill, Last in Line, and Spirits of Fire all drop.
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