Re: Who's better thread round 2 results and round 3

Date:2019-02-04 11:51:18
In Reply To:Who's better thread round 2 results and round 3 by Pirage
Testament 11 v Flotsam and Jetsam 4 - Testies just more well known.
Testament also has more great albums.
Royal Hunt 4 v Blind Guardian 13 - BG fanboys out in full force. RH too niche.
Blind Guardian just better?
Death 7 v King Diamond 7 - This was a toughie. Head judge adjudicates that Death goes through by a whisker.
Death is my favorite band, but KD is not far behind.
Kreator 5 v Pantera 11 - surprisingly comfortable for the heavy bully boys.

Round 3 match ups - Only vote for one. If you say tie or neither it won't be counted anyway.

Metallica v Testament v Pantera
Maiden v Blind Guardian v Rush
Maiden. It was a tie between them and Rush, so I let nostalgia win. No offense to Blind Guardian whom I love too.
Sabbath v Dio v Def Leppard
Sabbath. Not even close.
Carcass v Death v Amorphis
Death. Not even close.
Savatage v Manowar v Queensryche
Savatage. But Mindcrime is still one of the best albums of all time.
Stratovarius v Helloween v Candlemass
AiC v Queen v Tull
Queen. With a small nod to Tull.
Emperor v Fear Factory v Skid Row v Van Halen
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