Re: Who's better thread round 2 results and round 3

Date:2019-02-03 23:13:13
In Reply To:Who's better thread round 2 results and round 3 by Pirage
Pirage proclaimed:

Pirage proclaimed:

Pirage proclaimed:

Sabbath v Dio v Def Leppard
Aquanet fans will pick DL, 80s fans Dio, but metal fans will go with Sabbath.

Pirage proclaimed:

Carcass v Death v Amorphis
Abstaining as a protest

Pirage proclaimed:

Savatage v Manowar v Queensryche
Savatage has the best longevity.
Pirage proclaimed:

Stratovarius v Helloween v Candlemass
Ugh. Without Candlemass this would be Clone Wars.. and while Strat is better than Helloween, Candlemass gets my vote (though I doubt they will win).
Pirage proclaimed:

AiC v Queen v Tull
Queen has a string of solid releases. I love Tull, and enjoy AIC, but Queen is king here.
Pirage proclaimed:

Emperor v Fear Factory v Skid Row v Van Halen
Van Halen hands down. They've sold more units than the other three groups combined.

After your terrible King Diamond call, I know exactly how the Saints feel.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

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