Who's better thread round 2 results and round 3

Date:2019-02-03 11:41:52
Here are the results for round 2 and the match ups for round 3. I wasn't actually planning on continuing with this as I hadn't really thought through the numbers. We've got 25 bands left which we need to whittle down to a final 8 in order to have 4 quarter finals. Therefore we have to have seven 3-way match ups and a 4-way in the next round in order to get the total bands left down to 8.

Results for round 2:

Metallica 17 v Slayer 2 - So everyone throws loads of shit Metallica's way but in the end they still have their overall respect lol.
Maiden 18 v Scorpions 1 - No contest. Got try and get Maiden in a tighter match up
Testament 11 v Flotsam and Jetsam 4 - Testies just more well known.
Royal Hunt 4 v Blind Guardian 13 - BG fanboys out in full force. RH too niche.
Purple 3 v Sabbath 15 - No contest landslide
Dio 13 v Saxon 2 - Surprised Saxon got trounced bad.
Journey 7 v Def Leppard 11 - Respectable showing for the soft rockers of Journey.
Morbid Angel 3 v Carcass 8 - Carcass more loved
Death 7 v King Diamond 7 - This was a toughie. Head judge adjudicates that Death goes through by a whisker.
Iced Earth 6 v Savatage 10 - Sava much loved and missed it seems.
Nightwish 6 v Stratovarius 8 - old timers Strato sneak it.
Powerwolf 5 v Manowar 9 - Loin cloth wearers prevail
Rage 1 v Helloween 14 - Tough for Rage but everyone loves the Pumpkins
Queensryche 12 v Redemption 7 - Decent showing Nick but the 'ryche history has you beat. Maybe in another 10 years..
In Flames 6 v Amorphis 8 - Melancholy Finns nick it
Emperor 7 v Entombed 3 - Black overlords in the ascendency
Kreator 5 v Pantera 11 - surprisingly comfortable for the heavy bully boys.
Paradise Lost 4 v Candlemass 14 - easy for classic doomsters
Fear Factory 6 v Machine Head 6 - second tie of the round. Not huge on either but I'll go with FF.
Symphony X 3 v Rush 16 - seems Rush can do little wrong on this board. Gotta find them a tough match in the next round.
Sentenced 2 v Van Halen 15 - weird match but you've finally kicked Sentenced to the curb.
Alice in Chains 11 v Pearl Jam 5 - AiC comfortable in the grunge battle.
Queen 14 v GnR 4 - Freddie buries Axl
Tull 10 v Foreigner 5- Tull more substance
WASP 7 v Skid Row 8 - Tight one with the Skids just nicking it.

Round 3 match ups - Only vote for one. If you say tie or neither it won't be counted anyway.

Metallica v Testament v Pantera
Maiden v Blind Guardian v Rush
Sabbath v Dio v Def Leppard
Carcass v Death v Amorphis
Savatage v Manowar v Queensryche
Stratovarius v Helloween v Candlemass
AiC v Queen v Tull
Emperor v Fear Factory v Skid Row v Van Halen

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