Re: My list of recommended releases for 2017 (yes, 2017, not 2018)

Date:2019-02-02 19:28:28
In Reply To:Re: My list of recommended releases for 2017 (yes, 2017, not 2018) by John Frank

2018 was a very stressful year for the Frank family,
well sorry about that Mr. Frank.
Thanks. My wife is currently cancer-free, so good news there. She and maybe my kids will have to be tested often for the rest of their lives though.

I am still unemployed. Five months now. Not ideal.
Oh wow that's rough. All the best. My grandmother just passed away. Getting older has its perils.
And now I have a few thousand releases from 2018 to check out! Have you got a terabyte hard disk or something>
My external drive is 2 or 3 TB. :-)
Yep that explains it.
1. Eclipse - Monumentum / melodic metal/hard rock
Every time you sing the praises of that beautiful boy my heart fills with joy. So beautiful that boy! So for that you win the internet for one day for placing Erik at the top. Only problem is you need to invent a time machine to claim your prize. It was on the first of Jan 2018!
He's The Man. Twas fun seeing Eclipse at PPUSA, though they fucked around too much and had to cut the last 2-3 songs from their set.
Well at least you got to see them. Seen them 3-4 times now and can't wait for another go almost certainly later in the year.
2. Kobra and the Lotus - Prevail I / traditional/mainstream metal
Another lovely pick
Prevail II does not seem as good upon first listen. Still worthwhile, but not killer like Prevail I.
Agreed. Good but not as great although Nos says it's the other way.
4. Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls / mainstream metal

Finland. This is an absolutely massive debut. Ember Falls takes elements of Disturbed, Soilwork, Voyager, and Sybreed and weaves them into solid fucking gold. The tone is very upbeat and poppy complete with dancey keyboards and huge choruses, but there is sufficient heft in the riffage and aggression in the vocals for this metalhead. So. Damn. Catchy.
You know I'm sure I heard this but I recall very little about it. I would have to look at my 2017 picks but I can't be arsed at the moment. Again a little surprising this massively high entry.
It was on your list. :-) I think I saw it on a review site.
Cool then. I think I remember liking it now.
The Mantle - s/t / instrumental prog metal

New York. An impressive debut that flew under the radar for me for a long time. Filled to the brim with impressive guitarwork.
Yes. Richard Marx's son.
Sorry I'm spouting rubbish. I meany Kenny G's son! Even more weird.
Art Nation - Liberation ("Ghost Town", "Maniac", "The Real Me", "A Thousand Charades", "Paralyzed")
Good to see oit get a mention. But this is borderline Eclipse lite AOR so you are now officially and AOR fan! :-)
Yeah, it's only a matter of time. :-)
The perils of age again :-)
Thanks for all your efforts. I'm sure I might like a couple from the ones I have no clue about but I can live with that. My madness for new music is not quite on your level bro! Anyway let's see how long it takes you to finish the 2018 list. Hopefully not the whole year again.
Thanks, man. Yeah, I hope to eventually catch up, but I would not bet on it. I am going to postpone evaluating the older releases in the queue for now to try to catch up on new releases.

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