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Date:2019-02-02 12:02:38
In Reply To:My list of recommended releases for 2017 (yes, 2017, not 2018) by John Frank

2018 was a very stressful year for the Frank family,
well sorry about that Mr. Frank.
but I am grateful for the gifts that came out of it. I count my continued obsession with experiencing insane volumes of new metal as one of those gifts.

And now I have a few thousand releases from 2018 to check out! Have you got a terabyte hard disk or something>
But first, my list from back in times of yore...



1. Eclipse - Monumentum / melodic metal/hard rock
Every time you sing the praises of that beautiful boy my heart fills with joy. So beautiful that boy! So for that you win the internet for one day for placing Erik at the top. Only problem is you need to invent a time machine to claim your prize. It was on the first of Jan 2018!

2. Kobra and the Lotus - Prevail I / traditional/mainstream metal
Another lovely pick

Alberta. I did not get into Queen Kobra (see, there was a hair metal band named King Kobra... never mind) when I heard High Priestess in 2014, and I am not sure what my problem was.
HP rules.
I now dig that album, but
Prevail I is clearly the band's best work. Most of the tunes still have a traditional metal bent, but a more commercial sound has been introduced by Kobra and her krew and it works really damn well. I am reminded of Disturbed on several of the tunes, which is a compliment coming from my untr00 ass. Kobra Paige's vocals are, of course, impressively powerful and utterly compelling. Shit, I even can appreciate the instrumental on this amazing album. Just killer, fist-pumping excellence throughout.
Epic mister.

3. Seven Kingdoms - Decennium / American power metal
Such a high position. Wow. I like it but nowhere near as much as this.

4. Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls / mainstream metal

Finland. This is an absolutely massive debut. Ember Falls takes elements of Disturbed, Soilwork, Voyager, and Sybreed and weaves them into solid fucking gold. The tone is very upbeat and poppy complete with dancey keyboards and huge choruses, but there is sufficient heft in the riffage and aggression in the vocals for this metalhead. So. Damn. Catchy.
You know I'm sure I heard this but I recall very little about it. I would have to look at my 2017 picks but I can't be arsed at the moment. Again a little surprising this massively high entry.

5. Need - Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom / modern prog metal
The first time I have liked Need. Again you like it more than me but agree with everything you say.

6. In Search of Sun - Virgin Funk Mother / semi-prog hard rock
Too quirky for me from memory.

7. Polkadot Cadaver - Get Possessed / eclectic metal
Not my scene.

8. Soen - Lykaia / modern prog metal/rock
Looking forward to the new one. This one didn't click with me.

9. Centripetal Force - Eidetic EP / technical metal
Think I heard this 3 tracker but don't recall.

10. Persefone - Aathma / progressive death
Not a fan of these guys.

11. Gross Reality - Escaping Gravity / thrash
I think I scrapped this but you're really testing my memory.

12. Prospekt - The Illuminated Sky / progpower

England. Their second album and the first with vocalist Michael Morris. The Illuminated Sky is a significant improvement over The Colourless Sunrise (2013). They owe a substantial debt to Symphony X for their musical approach, but Prospekt executes this style so damn well that any lack of innovation is easily excused.
Yes I redcall liking this one a fair bit but as with all prog stuff tends to wain for me.

13. Witherfall - Nocturnes And Requiems / American power
It's only ok for me.

14. Fleshkiller - Awaken / extreme prog metal
Can't remember to be honest

15. The Faceless - In Becoming a Ghost / progressive death
I think I didn't like this.

16. Undrask - Battle through Time / melodic death
Yes I bigged this up a lot. All forgotten about now but a lot of cool riffs in my distant memory.

17. The Summoned - Sessions / complex deathcore
No idea about this one but more than likely not my thing.

18. Locust Leaves - A Subtler Kind of Light / extreme prog metal
No idea.

19. Trigger - Cryogenesis / modern thrash with some aspects of mainstream metal

Australia. This full-length debut compares favorably to Trivium's best work. The thrashy riffage is infectious, and the melodic vocal lines are often catchy as hell.
I remember this. I think it was sorta ok.

20. Vuur - In This Moment We Are Free - Cities / progpower
Not my thing in the end

21. Vexovoid - Call of the Starforger / semi-prog thrash
Don't recall.

22. Myopia - Transmyopic Interconnection / extreme prog metal

23. Adimiron - Et Liber Eris / extreme prog metal

24. Droid - Terrestrial Mutations / semi-prog thrash

25. The Spirit - Sounds from the Vortex / melodic black
Don't recall or didn't try these or tried and dismissed.


Ancient Empire - The Tower / American power metal

California. Not as engaging as Other World (2016), but The Tower still showcases cool tunes in the same style as its predecessor.
Quite cool

Arkaik - Nemethia / complex death

California. Their fifth and best offering of brutal widdly graaagghhh.
me likey I think

Bestial Invasion - Contra Omnes / prog thrash
I like.

Bridge of Diod - Of Sinners and Madmen / metal with some thrash and groove

Italy. This full-length debut does not neatly fit into a specific subgenre, which probably speaks well of it. I hear some Pantera (Power Metal mostly, maybe some Cowboys) and perhaps a smattering of the more modern stylings of Metallica and Megadeth, but the songs exhibit a mainstream metal sense of fun.
No idea.

Brotthogg - The Last Traveler EP / complex blackened death
No idea

Caligula's Horse - In Contact / modern prog metal

Australia. I don't know if I like this better than its predecessor, Bloom (2015), but In Contact is surely another winner from the band in a similar style.
Not my thing.

Caved - Lost to Time / prog thrash
No idea

Cønstantine - Esthesia / modern complex prog metal
No idea

Contrarian - To Perceive Is to Suffer / complex death

New York. Enjoyable latter day Death worship that is a step up from their 2015 debut, Polemic.

CroworD - The Great Beyond / melodic death

Austria. Debut of melancholic yet energetic melodeath. Brings back those late 90s glory days.
No idea

The Dark Element - s/t / symphonic

Finland. Features the vocals of Anette Olzon. Tracks 1-4 and 6 are catchy as fuck, Nightwishy good times, but the album falls off a cliff after that.
Love this. Stays on the cliff for me.

Daydream XI - The Circus of the Tattered and Torn / progpower

Brazil. This is an immense improvement over their debut, The Grand Disguise (2014). Bears some resemblance to Symphony X, but proggier.
It's good not great for me.

Decadence - Undergrounder / thrashy death

Sweden. Another winner with oodles of catchy riffs and nods to Death.

Decapitated - Anticult / death

Poland. An enjoyable comeback after its disappointing predecessor, Blood Mantra (2014). Not the Decapitated of old, but their simplified approach is still engaging.
Disappointing for me.

Deserted Fear - Dead Shores Rising / thrashy death

Germany. I was not aware of these guys prior to Dead Shores Rising, their third album. Turns out their entire discography is worthwhile, though this is their best effort. Nice mix of thrashiness and melody within a death metal framework.
I think I heard it. Good

Dialith - Through Stone EP / symphonic power

Connecticut. Three songs featuring soaring female vocals and hefty riffage. I look forward to hearing their full-length debut.
No clue.

Dodecahedron - Kwintessens / complex black/avant-garde
Not my thing no doubt.

Doomocracy - Visions & Creatures of Imagination / doom (duh)

Greece. Not a huge doom fan, but I found an inordinate number of doom albums to dig in 2017, and this sophomore effort from Doomocracy is one of the best. Definitely has that classic doom vibe a la Solitude Aeturnus.
Not my thing

Epicenter - Subversion / semi-prog thrash
Yeah I think I really liked this if I'm not wrong.

Evil Invaders - Feed Me Violence / thrash

Belgium. On their second full-length, these purveyors of good times rethrash are firmly in Gama Bomb territory. That translates to Overkill for the crusties who stick to the classics.
Like it less than u. Prefer other rethrashers.

Excruciation by Silence - Endless Twist EP / semi-prog thrash
No clue.

Execration - Return to the Void / blackened death
No idea

Expain - Pinching Nerves EP / prog thrashy death
No idea.

Face Down Hero - False Evidence Appearing Real / thrash
Sure I heard it. I think I liked it but it's all a blur lol.

Fate Unburied - Logos / semi-complex death
No clue.

Foredoomed - Ordeal / melodic death
Liked this.

Godless Crusade - World in Flames / thrash
No clue.

The Great Discord - The Rabbit Hole / modern prog metal
No clue

Hegemon - Initium Belli EP / black
no interest

Ice Age - Breaking the Ice / thrash
Yeah it's pretty good.

Krallice - Loüm / complex black metal
No interest.

L'Anima - Departures / prog metal
No clue

Lich King - The Omniclasm / thrash

Massachusetts. This is their sixth album, the first I have liked since Toxic Zombie Onslaught (2008), and it is easily their best effort. Dig on the Nuclear Assault vibe and nod sagely along with tunes such as "Preschool Cesspool" and "Crossover Songs Are Too Damn Short".
Yep easily their best.

Locust Year - The World Became Flesh / prog blackened death
No clue

Mason - Impervious / thrash

Australia. Sophomore rethrash release summons Exodus and Kreator.
Good defo.

Mean Streak - Blind Faith / melodic metal

Sweden. This is their fourth album and the first I have liked from the band. Some killer, memorable choruses on this one. Just a good time in general.
Nice one. Love it too.

Metalian - Midnight Rider / traditional with some American power

Quebec. Their second full-length album is a jolly good time for fans of classic Judas Priest. They speed things up on some tunes for a change of pace.
Yes good.

Miasthenia - Antípodas / melodic black
No clue but almost certainly not for me.

Mors Principium Est - Embers of a Dying World / melodic death

Finland. Another killer album from these veterans. Perhaps not quite as awesome as its predecessor, Dawn of the 5th Era, which placed at #15 on my 2014 list, but their sixth album is surprisingly compelling for a band this far into their career.
Yes! Very good.

Mustan Kuun Lapset - Saatto / melodic death/black

Finland. Fifth full-length. The good ole days of melodeath. Oodles of catchy melodies to go along with the aggression.
No idea

Nemesis Alpha - s/t / modern melodic death
No clue.

Neptuniam - Poetry of Creation / complex death
No idea.

Nervcast - Locked and Loaded EP / heavy mainstream metal
No idea

Norrsköld - Withering Virtue - The Second Chapter / melodic death
no clue

Nuckin' Futs - Abyss / thrash

Spain. This is a substantial improvement over their 2014 debut, Slavery. Brings to mind classic Accuser and early Poltergeist.
Yes bruv. V good.

NYN - Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt / progressive blackened death
Heard it but don't recall.

Peace Is Just a Break - Little Boy / modern melodeathcore
no clue

Portrait - Burn the World / American power and traditional metal
I think I dismissed this.

Prayers of Sanity - Face of the Unknown / thrash

Portugal. The best effort from these rethrashers to date. As before, their sound is a mix of Slayer and Exodus.
Defo liked this.

Prismind - Disciples of Design / semi-prog American power and traditional metal
Don't recall but might've dismissed

Pyramaze - Contingent / progpower

Denmark. This is the first Pyramaze album I have liked. Their songwriting has improved significantly, and the vocals of Terje Harøy, formerly of Teodor Tuff, are a treat.
Yes very good.

Replacire - Do Not Deviate / semi-complex death
Dismissed I believe.

Satan's Hallow - s/t / traditional metal

Illinois. Debut of no frills, catchy retrad with spirited female vocals.
Don't recall but maybe heard a track or two

Setheist - They / semi-prog thrashy power
No idea

Shrapnel - Raised on Decay / thrash

England. These rethrashers stepped it up considerably on their sophomore effort. The tunes smack of Exodus and Overkill.
Yes good.

Space Vacation - Lost in the Black Divide / traditional metal

California. Fourth album of good times retrad with high-pitched vocals, infectious choruses, and oodles of cool, melodic guitarwork.
No idea

Stallion - From the Dead / traditional/speed metal

Germany. Their sophomore effort is much better than its predecessor, Rise and Ride (2014). The songs run the gamut from hairy to thrashy, but they are always a joyful journey.
Vague about this. Might've dismissed.

Striker - s/t / traditional metal

Alberta. Their fifth album and best entry in their discography. They have honed their ability to craft a hook, and I appreciate the effort.
It's good but their best album is yet to come for you lol. Play To Win is where it's at bro.. thumbs up.

Subliminal - Bestemmia / semi-complex death

Ecuador. This full-length debut is in the realm of Necrophagist but with less widdly. So I guess they're more like Deadborn. Whatever, just dig on the riffs.
Don't recall. I've said that a few times in this reply haven't I! :-)

Sunless - Urraca / complex blackened death
No clue.

Sutrah - Dunes / complex death
No clue. Seems Quebec is a hot bed of that style.

Synaptik - Justify & Reason / semi-prog thrash
Don't fully recall. Sure I heard it but no memory of it.

Taberah - Sinner's Lament / American power metal

Australia. Their third full-length contains elements of Paradox, Blind Guardian, Satan, and even some hairier/melodic metal. Some catchy ditties here.
Yeah I liked this too.... for a bit lol

A Taste of Fear - God's Design / semi-complex thrashy death
No idea

Theory - The Art of Evil / American power metal

Denmark. First full-length of quality work in the realm of Nevermore or Communic. The vocalist is also in Malrun and Defecto.
Yes very good.

Undead Corporation - No Antidote / metalcore/mainstream metal
No clue

Vulture - The Guillotine / thrash
Don't recall, may have heard.

Your Chance To Die - Ex Nihilo / complex death
No clue


Archspire - Relentless Mutation / complex death

British Columbia. Third album of frenetic, brutal widdly.
Like this. Saw them live. Insane to watch the singer spit lyrics at breakneck speed lol

Battle Beast - Bringer of Pain / traditional/mainstream metal

Finland. Their fourth album and the first I have liked. Upbeat, simplistic fun with enjoyable female vocals.
Well good to see this here even in the unranked pleb section.

Black Reaper - Blood Moon Rising / thrash

Slovenia. Debut of bare bones thrash.
Latest album is killer from 2018. You'll get there.

Chronosphere - Red n' Roll / thrash

Greece. Third album of workmanlike rethrash. The vocals are not a highlight.
I like this. Good craziness as I recall even with shit vocals.

Communic - Where Echoes Gather / American power

Norway. This is the first Communic disc I have liked since Waves of Visual Decay (2006). The first four tracks (two songs with two parts each) are among the best the band has written.
I found this tough going if I remember correctly.

Confess - Haunters / hair metal

Sweden. At its best, their sophomore effort reminds me of Hardcore Superstar's two excellent offerings, Dreamin' in a Casket and Beg for It.
Yeah I remember liking this.

Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi / complex death

California. Maybe this is better than its predecessor, Polarity (2010). I have not checked. Axis Mundi is certainly not a fave like Diminshing between Worlds (2008), but it definitely makes the cut for me. I hear Obliveon circa Nemesis in some of the riffage, which is nice.
Of course I liked this however distant in the memory it is now.

Dendera - Part One - Blood Red Sky EP / American power

England. Worthwhile but not as compelling as their previous two albums. For fans of Jag Panzer and perhaps Iced Earth.
Yeah not as compelling.

Distillator - Summoning The Malicious / thrash

Netherlands. Sophomore rethrash effort.
V Good.

Dream Tröll - The Knight of Rebellion / traditional

England. Debut of happy retrad that reminds me of a lighter Eternal Champion with prominent, bouncy keyboards.
DT is funny and fun.

Eruption - Cloaks of Oblivion / thrash

Slovenia. Eruption's previous album, Tenses Collide, reached the second tier on my list for 2012. The songwriting on Cloaks of Oblivion is decent, but it does not reach its predecessor's heights. There is a curiously strong Sanctuary/Nevermore influence in many of the songs, which sounds good in theory, but is not mindblowing in execution.
Yea not mind blowing.

Exarsis - New War Order / thrash

Greece. Their fourth album featuring furious rethrash with high-pitched vocals.

Harlott - Extinction / thrash

Australia. More rethrash inspired by Exodus and Slayer on their third album.
Love some Harlott.

Inanimate Existence - Underneath a Melting Sky / complex death
I believe I liked this.

Incarnator - Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam / complex death

Russia. Their latest effort is not as engaging as their previous excellent full-length, Caeca Superstitio (2013), but I eventually came around on it. I guess I have not yet tired of quality Chuck worship.
I loved this.

Kreator - Gods of Violence / thrash

Germany. This is their fourteenth album, the first since Phantom Antichrist (2012). Gods of Violence is better than its predecessor and their first comeback album, Violent Revolution (2001), but it's not nearly as enjoyable as Enemy of God (2005) and Hordes of Chaos (2009).
I like it. Catchy and more melodic for me.

The Mantle - s/t / instrumental prog metal

New York. An impressive debut that flew under the radar for me for a long time. Filled to the brim with impressive guitarwork.
Yes. Richard Marx's son.

Mastodon - Emperor of Sand / modern prog metal

Georgia. I do not care for The Hunter (2011) or Once More 'Round the Sun (2014), the first two albums released in the mainstream Mastodon era, but the songwriting on Emperor of Sand is more to my liking. I definitely prefer the eclectic genius of Crack the Skye or their frenetic early days, but I can accept their less confrontational approach if the songcraft is strong enough.
I like most Mastodon released after they stopped the heavy vocals.
Nervecell - Past, Present...Torture / death

United Arab Emirates. Third full-length. I ended up deciding all of their discs are worthwhile, but this is their best. Sounds like Job for a Cowboy mixed with more traditional death metal.
Good as I recall.
Neuronspoiler - Second Sight / traditional metal

England. Their second full-length features more tasty trad metal that brings Riot and Maiden to mind.
Good band but a bit second tier new wave of trad. Just don't get the plaudits like some other retrad bands.

Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix / melodic metal

Sweden. Their ninth album, and the first I have liked since Afterlife (2000). Phoenix is in a more commercial vein than the power metal of their past.
Strangely I was a touch disappointed in this. Expected so much more after so long away.
Panikk - Discarded Existence / thrash

Slovenia. Second full-length. Vio-lence - Eternal Nightmare + Accuser - Who Dominates Who. Not that good, of course, but enjoyable rethrash nonetheless.
Love Panikk way more than you.

Power Trip - Nightmare Logic / thrash

Texas. The second full-length release from these guys was the token thrash album in many metal critics' end-of-year lists. I do not get as much out of it as they apparently do, but the bare bones riffage does get my head banging. The album is certainly a huge improvement over their previous work, which had more of a crossover vibe. Trivia: Their lead guitarist is also in Eternal Champion.
I don't get a huge deal out of it either but I warmed to them after I saw them live. The riffing whilst sounding simple gets under your skin after a while.
Ram - Rod / traditional metal

Sweden. Fifth full-length. Third album in a row from the band that I have enjoyed, though I would have bought it solely due to the clever wordplay of the album title.
Slightly disappointing for me.

Ra's Dawn - From the Vile Catacombs / progpower

Germany. This is much better than their previous two albums. Depending on the song, I hear echoes of Evergrey, Iced Earth, and Exodus in the band's varied musical approach.
I believe I liked it.

Red Eyes - The Red Album / melodic metal

Netherlands. Their sophomore effort is much more fun than its predecessor, Obey the Beast (2012). There is a mainstream sensibility to their tunes, but the band does not pander to or bore the listener.
Hell yeah. Red Eyes was super kuuuul.

Running Death - DressAge / thrash

Germany. Their second full-length is a substantial improvement over its predecessor, Overdrive (2015). It is a mix of Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction era Megadeth.
How come I don't recall hearing this or maybe I did. It's all a blur Mr. Frank..

Skulled - Eat Thrash / thrash

Germany. Second album of infectiously fun rethrash featuring simple, yet effective riffs and gang vocals. Soothes the savage geezer, I tell ya.
Yep soothing for us nutters

SkyEye - Run for Your Life EP / traditional metal

Slovenia. Quality Maiden worship on their debut.
New album is even better.

Starblind - Never Seen Again / traditional metal

Sweden. Third album of trad metal with a clear affection for Maiden. The vocals are fine, but they are not the album's strong point.
Glad to see this here.

StormThrash - Systematic Annihilation / thrash

Venezuela. This is the first full-length release from these rethrashers.
Yep loved this mayhem.

Suffocation - ...Of the Dark Light / semi-complex death

New York. This is the eighth full-length release from these veterans of the death metal scene, and it is the first disc of theirs that I have enjoyed. What's next, digging Morbid Angel? Obituary? This is so messed up.
Lol get with da program bro. Your distaste for Corpse still gets me tho..

Syron Vanes - Chaos from a Distance / traditional metal

Sweden. This is their sixth album. Their debut came out in 1984, but I was not aware of them until now. I checked out their previous albums, and they did not do much for me.
Pretty ok.

Tankard - One Foot in the Grave / thrash

Germany. This is the beer guzzlers' sixteenth full-length studio album. I own Chemical Invasion (1987), Beast of Bourbon (2004), Vol(l)ume 14 (2010) and now, One Foot in the Grave. Starting with Beast of Bourbon, I like every third album. High quality control from these veterans.
Fun stoopid shit hehe.

Terrifier - Weapons of Thrash Destruction / thrash (duh)

British Columbia. Second album of fast-n-furious, derivative rethrash. Seriously, one of the tunes has riffage that is almost a direct ripoff of Testament's "Apocalyptic City". But whatevs, the songs are fun enough for me.
I ended up not liking this one somehow.
Voyager - Ghost Mile / progpower

Australia. An improvement over their previous disc, V (2014).
Love me some silky Voyager

Warbringer - Woe to the Vanquished / thrash

California. Their fifth album is an improvement over its predecessor, IV: Empires Collapse (2013).
Warbringer are a strange beast. Some great tunes and plenty boring too
Wild Lies - Prison of Sins / melodic metal

England. Their debut full-length is heavier, less hairy, and not as catchy as their 2013 EP, Jack's out of the Box, but it's still a good time.
A little bit disappointing after that great debut.


Alitor - "Patterns of Redemption" (single)
Liked this.
Art Nation - Liberation ("Ghost Town", "Maniac", "The Real Me", "A Thousand Charades", "Paralyzed")
Good to see oit get a mention. But this is borderline Eclipse lite AOR so you are now officially and AOR fan! :-)
The Unity - s/t ("Rise and Fall")
Good album shame you only like one song.

Kobra and the Lotus - High Priestess (2014) / traditional metal
Kobra and the Lotus - s/t (2012) / traditional metal

Alberta. These do not reach the heights of Prevail I, but they are damn good. I know I heard High Priestess when it came out and dismissed it. That was a big mistake.
Very good indeed. My Kobra love is strong.

Mason - Warhead (2013) / thrash
I like Aussies Mason.
Redemptor - None Pointless Balance (2007) / complex death
Only like this one from Redemptor

Thanks for all your efforts. I'm sure I might like a couple from the ones I have no clue about but I can live with that. My madness for new music is not quite on your level bro! Anyway let's see how long it takes you to finish the 2018 list. Hopefully not the whole year again.

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