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Date:2019-02-01 21:50:31
Edited:2019-02-01 22:10:03
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(added) Fair to Midland - inter.funda.stifle (but that might be out of print)
I find it too raw and primitive; almost like demos preceding Fables...
The Dear Hunter - Act III: Life and Death
the album title Act roman numeral should tell you something is part of a wider whole. The Dear Hunter's discography, much like fellow act Coheed and Cambria (and things like Ayreon and Magma) is/are very world building enterprises. Highly recommended. Newbies might instead check The Dear Hunter's "The Color Spectrum".
Well, I heartily and respectfully call bullshit. Each of the albums stands mightily on its own from a musical standpoint. My first exposure to the band was Act II, which I loved. At no point did I feel I was entering in the middle of something. I don't think I got Act I until after I had III, and frankly I've listened to Act I the least of any DH album. And full disclosure, I've never really bothered to figure out the narrative thread. Maybe that doesn't make me a true fan, but I still love the band.

ETA: I have now decided I should take Act I through Act V with me on the desert island...I'll consider it one essential work (and maybe I'll have time to figure out the damn storyline :) )
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