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Date:2019-02-01 16:33:01
Edited:2019-02-01 17:46:44
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IQ's The Road of Bones received numerous plays. It's their best and one of my favorite releases of the past twenty years. The title track is mesmerizing, especially if you like serial killers.
The Road of Bones

On a more aggressive note, I finally found a worthy successor Slayer's legendary Reign in Blood. Onslaught's VI is an exploration on the concept of crushing brutality. the breakdown (@ 3:10) in the opening track is goddammed sonic perfection.

And if you have any affinity for operatic tenors, I strongly recommend anything by Bruce Ford. Incredible voice coupled with an amazing technique. It's a joy.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

“Whenever someone starts quoting the bible, I know they’re full of shit. People only bring out that goddammed thing when they want to justify immoral behavior. It’s the ultimate irony,” the bartender said with a laugh.

Coffee Cup Blues:
Monday has never been my favorite day of the week, but getting murdered before I could finish my first cup of coffee was a new low, even for Monday.
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