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Date:2019-02-01 16:17:54
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Over the years I've moved away from CDs and do the majority of my listening on Spotify. And even at that it's mostly at work or in the car, so the days of just sitting down and concentrating on music seem distant (and missed). As a result, I tend to listen to more things (everything is available!) and on a more surface level. So the idea of "essential" albums that I would actively feel there was a void if I never heard it again seems to have faded over the last few years (all of the old favorites, the Heaven and Hells and Sad Wings and O:Ms are still on that list though). Having rambled on, then, off the top of my head, the stuff in your time period that I feel is "essential":
(added) Fair to Midland - inter.funda.stifle (but that might be out of print)
Fair to Midland - Fables From a Mayfly....
Fair to Midland - Arrows and Anchors
The Dear Hunter - Act III: Life and Death
the album title Act roman numeral should tell you something is part of a wider whole. The Dear Hunter's discography, much like fellow act Coheed and Cambria (and things like Ayreon and Magma) is/are very world building enterprises. Highly recommended. Newbies might instead check The Dear Hunter's "The Color Spectrum". Also, Cavaet Emptor, similar bandname deerhunter is NOT the same band
IQ - The Road of Bones
My 1980s British Neo-prog knowledge has a few holes regarding this band.
Puscifer - Conditions of My Parole
reminder - we're now hearing loud buzzing that the new Tool album will surface in April/May. The band's website has new animatics too.

This isn't to say that there isn't stuff released in the time frame that I really, really like (releases from dredg, Clutch, The Decemberists, Kamelot and plenty of others), but those 5 above are the ones I'd want to throw in a box and take to the proverbial desert island with me. I'm clearly lacking in anything traditionally "metal" I guess.
Good list.
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