Date:2019-02-01 16:02:39
Edited:2019-02-01 16:05:01
In Reply To:Fifth Angel by Guillaume
Guillaume proclaimed:

The rebooted Fifth Angel came out with the surprise of the decade to me - essentially now a Kendall Bechtel solo project with Ken Mary adding deal-breaking drums, it is refreshingly authentic, with commendably strong vocals, compelling and well-executed guitars, and general feeling head and shoulders above 90% of anything I heard people rave and rant about over the past ten years.
Why say it's a Bechtel solo project when you have 3 members out of the 5 that played on 1989's album Time Will Tell? And a 4th, Ed Archer that is also listed as a band member on the website?

The new album is killer, of course, my #2 of 2018.
Ken(dall:) sang, played all guitars and keyboards, and wrote 3/5 of it. From what I understood, it wasn't immediately certain this was gonna be Fifth Angel right off the bat, but with Macko, and especially Ken Mary involved, that's where it went. Now with Ed Archer on board, the claim has gathered further legitimacy.
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