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Date:2019-02-01 15:36:46
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In Reply To:2007-2017 Essential Albums by Kosh
Kosh proclaimed:
I've had a particularly rough time enjoying Metal for the past decade. Call it loss of interest, maybe getting old and enjoying other types of music more, or maybe Metal has just become too repetitive and all the great music from then genre was already created.

In any case, it would be nice to see what are your essential discs for those years, maybe I'm missing some good stuff.

Not surprisingly coming from me, I don't think you really missed anything. The word "essential" is routinely misused and overused just shy of "epic" and "masterpiece", and in most such examples, I would dare say the rock history in general and given bands' discography alike would suffer no break in pulse if the albums of the last decade would be collectively flushed down the sewers of Letha. I think many of the omnivores consume tons of garbage just for the sake of staying current, and thus we have an obesity problem in our overfed first world...

However, I am not claiming it hasn't been all crap; there have been some decent albums in the last ten years that, while not "essential", have some high or redeeming qualities to them - just not from Judas Priest:)

The latest outputs from Pentagram (both Chile and US alike) have been quite impressive (although the last Pentagram takes a more 60s rock approach, rather than DoomMetal, and Bobby Liebling sounds like he's missing all of his teeth.) Last Saint Vitus wasn't too bad either, but essential, maybe not.

The reunion Satan albums aren't bad, in descending order, but I wouldn't necessarily equate them with their 80s output.

The rebooted Fifth Angel came out with the surprise of the decade to me - essentially now a Kendall Bechtel solo project with Ken Mary adding deal-breaking drums, it is refreshingly authentic, with commendably strong vocals, compelling and well-executed guitars, and general feeling head and shoulders above 90% of anything I heard people rave and rant about over the past ten years.

As for essentials...

Well, regardless of anyone's opinion, Ghost's first album was something else. If anything, it was one of the most interesting and different records and concepts of the period, and it actually amounted to something.

I think Watchtower's last EP "Concepts of Math: Book One" is absolutely jaw-dropping stand-out work, as good as anything the band has ever done. Floored me. Why was it so good? Maybe because the musicians took their time and didn't just fart out the first thing that cramped their stomach.

My favorite record of the recent epoch is probably the last Mysticum album, "Planet Satan." It's their second album, released 20 years after the debut, and it maybe my favorite by them. With such results, I hope it takes another twenty years for the next album. The band took their time, giving zero fucks about career, publicity, momentum, or fans - did it on their own time and terms, and it's a fucking blitzkrieg. However, I realize it may not be for everyone - it helps to be clinically insane violent suicidal drug addict with an insatiable creative streak to appreciate it fully, so it's perfect for me. Their live shows are pure psychic overdose.

I can't think of much else offhand right now, mostly because the majority of newer music has been paint-by-numbers-fanboy/girl-bait, which I find partly insulting, but it works by design as a sucker-pop for the PowerWheels crowd. "I like the red one: it goes-'wroom-wroom'." Even Satan, as highly as I respect them as a band and people, are resolute in walking the solid white line.
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