Re: Thorsday Soundoff - 31 January

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-01-31 15:15:34
In Reply To:Thorsday Soundoff - 31 January by Brian Taylor
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
I just can't get into Matthew Sweet, but the song, "I've Been Waiting" is easily the greatest power pop tune of the 90s.

My shiz:

Agony Column - God Guns & Guts. An all-time fave of mine, and one of the rare "funny" metal albums that's actually better for it. They have the best stage names, too, and Devil Chicken has a voice like no other singer I can think of, in the most hilariously awesome way.

Reprisal - None Survive the Sun. New album by these UK Revocation-like thrashers. Good shit for fans of, say, Black Fast or Seprevation.

Sound Barrier - Total Control. This is comfort music for me.

Mind Ox - Mind Ox. A four song demo from this short-lived post-Last Crack band fronted by Buddo. Better than White Fear Chain, I'd say.

Soilwork - Natural Born Chaos. Just trying to determine if this album is still as disappointing as it was when it came out. It is. The first three songs are killer, then the band morphs before your very ears into shitty Soilwork, evidently their final form.

Soft Machine - Bundles. Allan Holdsworth doing horny jazzrock. Not that kind of horny. In fact, pretty much the exact opposite of that kind of horny.

Slough Feg - Atavism. My fave Slough Feg. My favorite Lord Weird Slough Feg, however, is Traveller. The Scalzi/Cobbett team was really something special, and I say that with no disrespect to Anthony Tringali.

Slayer - Reign in Blood. Sometimes you jut gotta go with the classics.

Morbus Chron - Sweven. A random pick from my list of ripped discs, and a good one!

Hellbastard - Natural Order. I have an inordinate fondness for this band, and especially this album. They never really fit on Earache, but this, to me, is a highlight from the brief golden age of that once mighty label.

Pat Benatar - Seven the Hard Way. This is my favorite Benatar album, despite having the most dated sound.

Omen - Battle Cry. For someone with about an octave of range, JD Kimball has proven surprisingly impossible to replace. The only time Omen has ever sounded good without Kimball is when George Call fronted them, but I don't think they ever recorded with him, and even if they had, the album is surely bad because Kenny Powell is completely unable to write good riffs anymore.

Never - Back to the Front. A great obscure thrashy death metal album. Pretty sure John Frank turned me onto these guys. Their other albums are good too, but this one is clearly the best.

New Model Army - The Ghost of Cain. Only stupid bastards use heroin.

Journey - Captured. At the request of my wife. It's a great live album!

Warlord - Deliver Us. Just a little Warlord.

Mystic Force - A Step Beyond. One of the absolute best USPM bands of all time. If only Keith Menser would get off his ass and reissue these albums - this band should be worshipped by all as one-of-a-kind legends, and Rich Davis and Chris Lembach should be spoken of in the reverant tones reserved for the likes of Frank Arresti and Mark Zonder.

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