Re: Thorsday Soundoff - 31 January

Date:2019-01-31 14:09:34
In Reply To:Thorsday Soundoff - 31 January by Brian Taylor
It's Thursday soundoff day... again. And I am getting the thread started in the middle of the night 'cause I'm bored... again.
Someone has to do it, right? :)

My list:

Ulver - Assassination of Julius Caesar
Ulver - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Virus - The Agent That Shapes the Desert
Riot - Rock City
Warrior - Fighting for the Earth
Toxik - Think This
Teleport - Ascendance ep
Teleport - The Expansion ep
Section Brain - Hospital of Death

"I think we’re living almost essentially in a socially, culturally artistic ice age where banality and mediocrity have now triumphed as a virtue." - A. Averill
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