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Date:2019-01-30 15:13:56
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Drottnar - Monolith II
Drottnar - Monolith III
They're releasing a cd compilation of these eps in February.
Of course they are. I caved and got the digital versions already.
Aeviterne - Sireless
Really good post black/death metal mix. Reminds me of a mellower version of Howls of Ebb. Only 2 tracks, but a good start.
Ok. I'll check it out. Despite pointing out HoE, I've never liked them as much as you.
It's really good, just really short. Hopefully they put out some more material.
Teleport - The Expansion
MJoP recommended tech-black-thrash band from Slovenia. Think Vektor. Their older material isn’t as Vektor-ish but is also solid.
Full-length cd this year.
Thanks for the heads up.
Check this one out, Greg.
Not bad. Thanks for the recommendation.

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