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Date:2019-01-30 13:43:40
In Reply To:2018 in review by jimbobhickville
Azusa - Heavy Yoke
Members of Extol and Dillinger Escape Plan playing complex proggy thrash with a female singer. This is as great as that sounds.

Sacral Rage - Beyond Celestial Echoes
Pretty great thrashy power metal again from these guys. This is every bit as good as the last one and really gets stuck in your head.
Voivod - The Wake
Wtf is this? I like a Voivod disc? Not just like, but love? I only checked it out on a lark, not expecting to like it, but this is fantastically superb. It’s like they finally perfected their own sound and dropped all the annoying punk trappings that held them back previously. I’m sure people will claim I’m taking crazy pills, but for me, this is so much better than anything else they’ve ever done.
Definitely enjoyed these three.

Drottnar - Monolith II
Drifting slightly away from the tech to a bit more spacey black metal, but still pretty great, but also still, why so short?

Drottnar - Monolith III
Final Monolilth EP, so I guess it was 9 songs split into 3 EPs. Another solid effort, although they’ve now seemingly moved completely away from their tech leanings.
They're releasing a cd compilation of these eps in February.
Aeviterne - Sireless
Really good post black/death metal mix. Reminds me of a mellower version of Howls of Ebb. Only 2 tracks, but a good start.
Ok. I'll check it out. Despite pointing out HoE, I've never liked them as much as you.
Teleport - The Expansion
MJoP recommended tech-black-thrash band from Slovenia. Think Vektor. Their older material isn’t as Vektor-ish but is also solid.
Full-length cd this year.
Ysengrin/Stargazer - D.A.V.V.N. (split)
Solid new Stargazer tune on a split EP. Vinyl only release (doesn’t seem to even have a digital version). I was before unfamiliar with Ysengrin, but they feel like a natural pairing. More black metal based to Stargazer’s death metal, but sharing the same creepy vibe. I’d pick it up if they had a CD or even maybe a digital version.
Bought the vinyl when it came out. Great tune(StarGazer).

Check this one out, Greg.

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