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Date:2019-01-27 17:14:57
In Reply To:Re: If you say just pick all the ones on the left... by Pirage
Pirage proclaimed:
you are not really taking part in my book. Sure it's not a big deal but either take part with actual votes or you're not in. So everyone defends the trolls now? So it's ok he brought my mother into a discussion on music right? It's ok to be called a dumb shit right? That's ok behaviour right? It's normal I know I should get over it right?. I never reply to trolls...what a mistake it was typing that simple No.
You are adorable <3 Dude, he's not bringing up Your mother or calling You a dumb fuck. It's a routine. A comic routine. He's playing off the "ban trolls" post. Can't you see that? It's "funny stuff". He's fucking with not specifically you, but the board in general. Don't take it so delicate, buddy - and certainly not personally; he's just busting your balls, surprisingly successfully. He's not a Troll, he's a Joker. It's all actually pretty harmless with this one: not really a Gremlin - despite the parrot, his Mogwai is showing.

And you're right not to count "dumb" votes, no matter how the wizards admonish you for it. It's your game on your rules; dumb shit compromises statistics and integrity of whatever you're doing. Don't waste any more time on that than you already do, fuck 'em.

P.S. You suck at tiebreakers:) Don't get all upset now; you just do:)
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