Re: "Who's Better?" Results and Round 2!

Date:2019-01-27 02:23:21
In Reply To:"Who's Better?" Results and Round 2! by Pirage
Metallica v Slayer - Metallica
Maiden v Scorpions - Maiden
Testament v Flotsam and Jetsam - Flotz til Death
Royal Hunt v Blind Guardian - Blind Guardian
Purple v Sabbath - Sabbath
Death v King Diamond - Death
Iced Earth v Savatage - Nevermore (Iced Earth, I guess, since you gave the tie to the wrong band :D)
Nightwish v Stratovarius - Nightwish
Queensryche v Redemption - Redemption
Kreator v Pantera - Kreator (this is the only hard one in this round)
Paradise Lost v Candlemass - Candlemass
Fear Factory v Machine Head - Fear Factory
Symphony X v Rush - Rush

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