Re: If you say just pick all the ones on the left...

Date:2019-01-26 19:58:01
In Reply To:Re: If you say just pick all the ones on the left... by Pirage
you are not really taking part in my book. Sure it's not a big deal but either take part with actual votes or you're not in. So everyone defends the trolls now? So it's ok he brought my mother into a discussion on music right? It's ok to be called a dumb shit right? That's ok behaviour right? It's normal I know I should get over it right?. I never reply to trolls...what a mistake it was typing that simple No.
Look, you created a Poll about Whatever in a public forum. This is following the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS where everyone is eligible to have their voices recorded, no matter how much they agree or disagree or just jibberjabber, as Troll's Hole did. He DID vote according to the rules of the poll instruction.

Thrice, I've taken part of this poll of yours for curiosity and fun. But I haven't gotten any sense that MY OWN vote has been counted or considered, and I've actually given a music fan's anguish per each choice. You don't care for me and vice versa, but at least be considerate of the process.
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