Re: "Who's Better?" Results and Round 2!

Date:2019-01-26 15:48:37
In Reply To:"Who's Better?" Results and Round 2! by Pirage
Metallica v Slayer - Metallica

Maiden v Scorpions - Maiden

Testament v Flotsam and Jetsam - Flotsam, but Testament will win

Royal Hunt v Blind Guardian - Blind Guardian

Purple v Sabbath - Sabbath

Dio v Saxon - Dio

Journey v Def Leppard - Edge to Journey; as good as early Leppard albums are, they tailed off too much for my tastes

Morbid Angel v Carcass - neither

Death v King Diamond - King

Iced Earth v Savatage - Savatage

Nightwish v Stratovarius - Stratovarius

Powerwolf v Manowar - Other bands play. Manowar kills.

Rage v Helloween - Helloween

Queensryche v Redemption - I will still recuse myself from what will be a bloodbath. :). I feel like a little school that got past the first round of the NCAA tourney and then ended up drawing Kansas in the second round. :)

In Flames v Amorphis - Amorphis

Emperor v Entombed - neither

Kreator v Pantera - Pantera

Paradise Lost v Candlemass - Candlemass

Fear Factory v Machine Head - Fear Factory

Symphony X v Rush - Rush

Sentenced v Van Halen - VH

Alice in Chains v Pearl Jam - AiC

Queen v GnR - Queen

Tull v Foreigner - Tull

WASP v Skid Row - some ways the toughest one for me. I'll say WASP on the strength of their best material but I don't like them enough to have voted for them twice already...

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