Re: "Who's Better?" Results and Round 2!

Date:2019-01-26 13:45:10
In Reply To:"Who's Better?" Results and Round 2! by Pirage
Metallica v Slayer
Metallica. Never liked Slayer.
Maiden v Scorpions
Maiden. More substance, more consistency.
Journey v Def Leppard
Def Leppard. Journey has great songs, but Leppard has (at least two or three) great albums.
Powerwolf v Manowar
Powerwolf. I prefer gothic cheese.
Queensryche v Redemption
Queensrÿche. Rededmption doesn’t do it for me.
Symphony X v Rush
Rush. When you play the Game Of Bands, you win or you die.
Sentenced v Van Halen
Van Halen. Can’t take Sentenced’s vocals seriously.
Alice in Chains v Pearl Jam
Alice In Chains. Always preferred their style to Pearl Jam’s.
Queen v GnR
Queen, because GnR is so annoyingly overrated.

- Jer
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