Date:2019-01-25 22:11:03
In Reply To:Poll: crack down on trolls or not? by squarooticus
squarooticus proclaimed:
I have long had a fairly hands-off policy toward trolls on this board, but recently had to tighten the screws on Grim because his posts were reducing the signal:noise ratio of the board enough to generate complaints. Should I do the same for folks like Troll's Hole, Rev. Real, and CO?
I really can't understand how Grim was a troll. He would collapse into shit-talking dick and appeared vague as hell for those not on the level, but his reference were not nonsense. He must've been lonely to be here this frequently. He was sarcastic, but he actually knew his shit, unlike some of his opponents.

There are a lot of knowledgeable, critically-minded people here, but there's also quite a bit of what I see as a mere surface views on display, and while aspiring to be insightful, their proponents display lack of depths, elementary musical/music business understanding, and erudition instead. It's not easy to discuss hot rod mechanics with PowerWheels club - M and nk must've felt that way as well.

I'm glad that majority of good posters are uninvolved in such arguments - I, sometimes just can't help it, and Grim, clearly passionate about his shit, certainly couldn't help himself either. Them there Tourette tantrums were hella weak, but, ask Uziel or Vadim or Tony or whoever, this can shit happen to any narcissistic neurotic. At least he had something substantial to say, although it wasn't easy to get to under all the obscure side nods. I'd rather listen to him rant about tritone and see him recite "Dune" for a week straight, than hear another Cristina Aguilera-wannabe-Ghost-Sum31-"metal" review about nothing specific that compares albums of bands I never heard of with their previous album.

You want this place be all peace and love about nothing, anyone with any fire to debate will just leave and you're leaving this place wide open for a good-natured wimp massacre, courtesy of Casual and his aliases. Barney Goes to Slaughterhouse.

Lord knows I didn't get into metal to be a part of a community: I got into it because I was an outcast that didn't belong with the rest. So being an outcast among outcasts, that's what it's all about. It's not entertainment, it's about a feeling. People get emotional, people ramble, people get wasted and get all obscure and deep in their writing - that's part of it. People fight. Don't be a pussy.

We can handle Hitler and synthwave ourselves by simply ignoring. It's the most that anyone can do to invalidate someone here - just don't click. Works for me.

As for Troll, he's not even a troll, he's PMx2 court jester, and the best one we could have at that.

P.S. This was not an invitation to a discussion, just a statement, so I ain't getting into a debate. It's bad enough I said anything: we're wasting bandwidth talking about wasting bandwidth here.
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