Re: Poll: crack down on trolls or not?

Date:2019-01-25 19:48:06
In Reply To:Poll: crack down on trolls or not? by squarooticus
It is indeed a tough call what to do about them. It's often too much effort to sort through all the troll traffic to find the few on topic posts.

In my opinion, Troll's Hole is one of my favorite posters. Grim is a complete waste of bandwidth. Others fall somewhere in between.

Here's an idea, you could implement an optional Troll filter. Each user could specify in their user profile the user names of the people they consider trolls and their posts would not be shown to that user. Have a link to easily see the full board with all posts or the filtered board. This would allow people to filter out just the trolls that bother them and it would relieve you of being the one that has to decide what to allow and what to remove. Perhaps when people like Grim realize everyone is filtering their posts, they'll go away.
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