Re: I'm biased, and enjoy sharp wit (someday I'd like to own one myself)

Author:Rev. Wally Real
Date:2019-01-23 21:02:44
In Reply To:I'm biased, and enjoy sharp wit (someday I'd like to own one myself) by Russ
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Russ proclaimed:
It's a tough call. The draconian smackdown on posters writing tripe splintered the board. Sure, some posters get out if hand and flood the board with drivel, but it seems as if this site has been achieved a pretty good balance.
Thank you Russ for sharing that! I felt like this board was on Life Support a few months back...NK was long gone, M doesn't post anymore, Packgrog gone, vishbear is who knows where...also Rob Dereaux (sp?)...I even love the Great Nick Van Dyk's posts even if he refuses to acknowledge me...but I highly admire him for sharing his vulnerability of Multiple Myleoma and congratulate him for Beating Cancer!! (I could not say the same about my biological father who died a slow horrible death ~ RIP December 2012)...

Let me share you a lil secret: The Heart is More Intelligent than the Head. I learned this while smoking a substance called Toad Venom last summer in Ormond Beach, FL...I immediately remembered the stupid & angry that I shit posted due to suffering from an abusive Alcoholic Chinese Doctor (circa 2011-2013)...felt shame & guilt..didnt want to show up in these forums anymore. Besides it was so boring, so lame, checking a Forum that used to be great when Detrick Hardwick started the Original Perpetual Motion in '97...changed hands into that Dude that loves Cycling...the whole splinter with LarryD...changed hands into the current owner & Administrator, Kyle Rose.

Last but not least, I was rather dismayed that I got no responses to the thread I created, but here is a Good Memory from the Past...

Author: Rev. Wally Real
Date: 2018-11-25 19:58:23
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