You mean, comparable to the sort of things Troll and Casual post? Troll has posted some EXTRAORDINARILY racist shit, which I assume we're all to take as a joke (and I think most of us did take as a joke), and for all we know, Rev. Real is himself just an ironic shitposter. I don't think he contributes very much of value to this community (although I had never heard that The Time song he posted in response to Pirage, and it's a very cool tune), but as John said, there are plenty of non-anonymous people here who are in the same boat, so as long as he's not targeting jews on the board with invective, it seems perfectly in keeping with Kyle's libertarian light touch to leave him be.

That said, I don't generally read his posts, because he doesn't often make much sense, and I could be missing his worst behaviors.

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