I will give him credit for the vocal melodies...

Date:2018-10-16 17:28:22
Edited:2018-10-16 20:32:05
In Reply To:Eternal Idol with Ray is a BS top 10. I can call in blahsome like a Spooky if you fuckers want to fight about it. nt by Genghis Grim
...but when TM sings the title track, I get chills. "Sinners...say your prayers tonight, thy judgment day is here" is one of the great lines in the Sabbath catalog (the way it's sung, not the words, which were likely also Gillen's). I don't get the same vibe from Ray's version of it. It sounds great, but it's not spine-tingling.

The real shocker for me with Forbidden was what the hell happened to Tony Martin's voice. I haven't heard his subsequent work but I gather it's returned to form. Maybe he had nodes or something going on? Anybody know?
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