Re: I definitely agree with Nick

Date:2018-10-16 01:56:45
In Reply To:About ranking Forbidden ahead of Headless Cross and Tyr? Clearly, we must rank the Martin Sabbath albums... by T.J. Swoboda
1. Cross Purposes
2. The Eternal Idol
3. Forbidden
4. Headless Cross
5. Tyr

It's damn close between CP and ET. They might be a tie for me. I used to rank Tyr at the bottom of all Sabbath albums, but I've come to like it more than Technical Ecstasy.
I'm no doctor, but I'd take something for that, whatever is it.

My view on the matter is as subjective and open to argument as any, but, I don't know, as respectfully as I can put it, it just doesn't seem as [fill in whatever expletive expression of befuddlement that may come to you] as your evaluation, at least to me:

Headless Cross
Eternal Idol
Cross Purposes




forbidden - in my assessment, the worst record ever issued under Sabbath banner, I would say without question

So, if you did take something for whatever that was, and still rank The Cat era albums in that sequence, I'm staying away from that, hahaha.
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