Re: PMX2 Thursday Soundoff

Author:Michael Blevins
Date:2018-10-12 13:41:52
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thursday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Platinum - Iceman. A reddit find. Cheesy USPM from 1990, coming out of New Jersey, no less. The cover is... really nice. The singer is amazing, but the songs, for the most part, are what you'd expect from the best local act of Bloomfield, NJ circa 1989. There are a couple standout cuts, but mostly this is utterly forgettable.
Worth digging up, or no?

Kansas - Point of Know Return. Is there a better rock ballad that "Dust in the Wind"? I don't think so!
This whole album is brilliant.
Cheap Trick - At Budokan. I'll take the studio cuts of "I Want You To Want Me" and "Surrender" over the live ones, but otherwise, this is as good as rock live albums get.
One of the first albums I bought with my own money, and "Come On, Come On" was the first song I learned to play all the way through on guitar. As always, there's some question as to how "live" this is, but it doesn't matter - it's a generational album.

Exodus - Force of Habit. What a stinker!
You said it, it's revolting.
quite enjoyable, I say. Their later stuff isn't bad, exactly, just utterly pointless, and not death metal in any meaningful way.
It's perfectly predictable, which seems to be a major selling point in metal these days.

Carisma - 1825. A prog metal classic. I find that the albums from that late 90s scene that sound the least like Dream Theater, Queensryche, or Fates Warning are the ones that have aged the best. This album rules entirely.
Man, I haven't heard this in a LONG time. An obscure classic, to be sure.

Ark - Ark. It's truly astounding how great this band was. "The light that burns twice as hot..." etc. Even more amazing is that Jorn did all these vocals and lyrics without input from the other guys. They handed him the recordings, which were meant as a demo, and he gave thm back the finished album. How could the guy who could do that turn into the guy whose best* songs are all covers and whose originals are duller than the narrated Magica story?
Jorn is wasting a great voice, and this album is a rare example of the magic of music.

Arsis - We Are the Nightmare. This is an excellent album that I find very hard to listen to because the drums sound so bad. You'd think the guy with three snare drums on his kit would be a little more demanding in the studio, and perhaps request that not everything be triggered.
It doesn't bother me as much as you, but, yeah, its definitely not optimal.
least, are good. I never listened to any of the reunion albums. Should I?
Not really. Jeff Keith's voice is REALLY shot.

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