Re: Chiefly, the Greta Van Fleet album...

Author:Casual Observer
Date:2018-10-11 23:48:43
In Reply To:Chiefly, the Greta Van Fleet album... by Nosferatwo
Amaranthe - Helix
Metal fans hate the word 'pop', but Amaranthe proves it can work.
Album sales and concert attendances prove something works and Amaranthe have neither. How many singers have they had now? Don't answer. It does not matter. They're done. This style of music is so unfashionable that even Harvestboy isn't booking the genre anymore, and he still wears Hawaiian shirts.
This is super modern poppy, but it's addictively catchy.
It's gayer than a Vatican sex party.
Really, really good.
You hate metal.

nvandyk proclaimed:
Fuck off already. You really are an immense prick, you know that? Have been for years.
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