Re: PMX2 Thursday Soundoff

Date:2018-10-11 16:08:48
Edited:2018-10-11 16:09:42
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thursday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Justin Sullivan - Navigating by the Stars. The quietness of this album grows on me as I get older. One of Sullivan's last true masterpieces.
Yes, this is a great album. I particularly love "Tales of the Road". Interestingly one of my favorite NMA songs is "Leeds 3am" so I guess I'm really drawn to Justin's songs of road tragedy, be it motorized or horse-drawn!

King's X - Out of the Silent Planet. The first two KX albums are the best, but even they're kind of dull. How did Ty Tabor ever get a rep for riffing? His playing is dull as fuck.
I still remember Kerrang! creaming themselves over this, and I couldn't wait to get it. And other than a couple songs I'm still bored by it (and the band in general, I'm afraid).

Carisma - 1825. A prog metal classic. I find that the albums from that late 90s scene that sound the least like Dream Theater, Queensryche, or Fates Warning are the ones that have aged the best. This album rules entirely.
I always think of this as a twin set along with Digital Ruin's Listen as declared '90s prog classics that I just couldn't get into (I think a lot of it comes down to the production).
Ark - Ark. It's truly astounding how great this band was. "The light that burns twice as hot..." etc. Even more amazing is that Jorn did all these vocals and lyrics without input from the other guys. They handed him the recordings, which were meant as a demo, and he gave thm back the finished album. How could the guy who could do that turn into the guy whose best* songs are all covers and whose originals are duller than the narrated Magica story?
Yeah, to see what became of Jorn is sad. I still remember buying the execrable Mundanus Imperium album he was on and thinking, "whoa, this sucks a lot, but that singer is awesome!". And then Ark came along and provided a glimpse of what he could do when surrounded by actual talent. I still can't stomach the mix/production of the first album, though. I always go to Burn the Sun for my Jorn fix.
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