Re: PMX2 Thursday Soundoff

Date:2018-10-11 15:00:21
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thursday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Platinum - Iceman. The cover is... really nice.
I looked it up. LOL
Horrendous - Idol. The best DM band in the US now?
Surprisingly good live. I mean that based on how they sound on their albums I expected it to come across a little muddy or washed out, but they were actually pretty crisp and clear on stage.
Kansas - Point of Know Return. Is there a better rock ballad that "Dust in the Wind"? I don't think so!
I have this on Cd but I'm mostly into the title track.
King's X - Out of the Silent Planet. The first two KX albums are the best, but even they're kind of dull. How did Ty Tabor ever get a rep for riffing? His playing is dull as fuck.
I got this right around the time I was first getting into prog metal, which may have been the wrong time. I found it really boring and traded it away. I eventually got to liking them a lot later on but mostly from Dogman.
Children of Bodom - Something Wild. Still my fave. I love the looseness of this, compared to the ones that came after it (the good ones, I mean. They only released four good albums, and everything after that is garbage.)
I like the first four too, but it's hard to deny that they went from immature-but-enjoyable to immature and bad.
Cheap Trick - At Budokan. I'll take the studio cuts of "I Want You To Want Me" and "Surrender" over the live ones, but otherwise, this is as good as rock live albums get.
I saw them do a free show once, but I can't remember where.
Exodus - Force of Habit. What a stinker!
They squandered a pretty good album title.
The Donkeys - Television Anarchy. Post-punk with a power pop edge. "No Way" is an all-time power pop classic, in my book.
I don't know this but it sounds like it might be cool.
Amon Amarth - Sorrow Through the Nine Worlds. ... they turned into a power metal band with a death metal vocalist.
That's what I say about Keep of Kalessin.
I used to hate AA but they're honestly hard to hate due to their fun-loving persona, so I've grudgingly come around in recent years.
Carisma - 1825. A prog metal classic. I find that the albums from that late 90s scene that sound the least like Dream Theater, Queensryche, or Fates Warning are the ones that have aged the best. This album rules entirely.
Must investigate.
Arsis - We Are the Nightmare. This is an excellent album that I find very hard to listen to because the drums sound so bad. You'd think the guy with three snare drums on his kit would be a little more demanding in the studio, and perhaps request that not everything be triggered.
First one of theirs that I didn't bother getting, but I still look back on their early stuff fondly.
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