Chiefly, the Greta Van Fleet album...

Date:2018-10-11 14:51:04
In Reply To:PMX2 Thursday Soundoff by BenMech
So the Greta Van Fleet album... is pretty much what you would expect. It's a summation of everything Led Zeppelin was. There's a couple of short and hard rockers, a couple of bluesier tracks that give more to the guitar player, and a couple of more acoustic songs. The criticism of them still stands, and isn't abated one bit. However, they're actually really damn good at what they're doing. It's not original in the least, but I prefer their take on the sound to anything Zeppelin ever did. I said before that I never liked Plant's approach to vocals, and that's the biggest difference here. GVF has stronger melodies to the songs. They tilt the equation more vocals over guitars, in terms of importance, where Zep was the other way around. So for me, this album is actually really good.

Other new stuff:

Amaranthe - Helix

Metal fans hate the word 'pop', but Amaranthe proves it can work. This is super modern poppy, but it's addictively catchy. Really, really good.

A Light Divided - Choose Your Own Adventure

Modern rock with female vocals that are a bit rougher, a bit like a tamer version of Lzzy Hale's screaming. It's another recent album I genuinely like a good deal. Fun stuff.

Plus, I went back and listened to all three of the Slash records with Myles. I think I like them in the order they came out. There was an energy to "Apocalyptic Love" that has faded. The new one is still good, but it feels restrained and a bit tame compared to where they were. Also, Myles gets really annoying and shrill after I listen for too long. Guess he would have been a perfect fit for a Zep reunion. Bazinga!
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