Date:2018-10-08 16:27:27
In Reply To:Re: Frost and Fire IV, Ventura, Ca; 10/4-7 by Sumeet
Sumeet proclaimed:
And while it blows that Pagan Altar and Exumer can't make it, Warbringer and Eternal Champion are pretty damn awesome to be able to get as last-minute replacements.
Many seemed to have enjoyed their sets. I didn't see it that way at all:)

Anyway, I can't make it this year, but if Frost And Fire continues, I might have to look into flying out next year, despite it being shortly after ProgPower.
As of right now, this was last one, not just as far as Ventura, but in general. They (the Night Demon guys) have put together one more gig in Hamburg, the last showcase for the time being, featuring Satan, Ross the Boss, Bullet, and Portrait, but it isn't a full-on fest or anything and it's not billed it as one, or as part of Frost & Fire.
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