Re: Frost and Fire IV, Ventura, Ca; 10/4-7

Date:2018-10-07 16:39:37
In Reply To:Frost and Fire IV, Ventura, Ca; 10/4-7 by von
Anyone going? Nick, I'll see you there\,,/

I'll be seeing Cirith Ungol, Slough Feg, Destructor, Cloven Hoof, Thrust, Satan (Court in the Act set,)Ashbury ..., Attacker, and Vicious Rumors.

Warbringer and Eternal Champion are "substituting" for Pagan Altar and Exumer, who couldn't make it in, godfuckingdammitfuckitalltohell. Thrust is now filling in for the derailed Shok Paris.
Well damn... seeing that Court In The Act set would be pretty fucking awesome. And even their regular tour (and the Vicious Rumors Digital Dictator tour for that matter) aren't coming anywhere near me. And while it blows that Pagan Altar and Exumer can't make it, Warbringer and Eternal Champion are pretty damn awesome to be able to get as last-minute replacements.

Anyway, I can't make it this year, but if Frost And Fire continues, I might have to look into flying out next year, despite it being shortly after ProgPower. And it's been 15 years since I've been to the west coast at this point, so maybe it's time for another visit. Or maybe I might have to go to Holland to see Ayreon after ProgPower, who knows, lol.

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