I have a buddy in town for the Whisky show...if I can convince him, we're there!

Date:2018-10-03 17:33:02
In Reply To:Re: by von
It's funny...Vicious Rumours used to play in our high school gym. They were all from our town and one of their guitar players (Chuck Moomey) was the year ahead of us in school.

My buddy, who oddly enough introduced me to this board 20+ years ago but isn't on it any more, isn't the type to fire up for this type of thing (he is approaching the Jethro Tull age of too old to rock and roll but too young to die) but I'll do my best to sell him on it.

Would be great to see you, buddy! And I can't get enough of Court in the Act and if they aren't going to be doing Alone in the Dock in LA the next night, I better get my ass up to Ventura!
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