Re: Machine Head (as currently constituted) is breaking up:

Author:Failed Creation
Date:2018-09-28 23:04:13
In Reply To:Machine Head (as currently constituted) is breaking up: by Nosferatwo
As the only resident fan boy, I can’t help by give my two cents. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I thought there were still a few good tracks on the last album, certainly not their best, but Robb has a polarizing voice/opinion and people love to hate him. Comes with the territory.

If you watch the video though, doesn’t sound like Robb has decided if this is actually the end of the “band”. I don’t think he knows how to do anything besides make music. MH has always been his brainchild and about him. He knows a lot of people in the music industry and some will still be beating down his door to play in the band.

Besides, don’t know who the hell else to call my favorite band now, seems as though we’re never getting a new Scar Symmetry.
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