Re: Negacy

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2018-09-28 13:10:35
In Reply To:Negacy by BumZen
Negacy - Flames of Black Fire.
Thanks for this. They've slipped under my radar, and they sound great.
You got it!
Also, kudos on giving credit to Enemies of Reality, but Dead Heart and This Godless Endeavor are the best Nevermore albums. Just saying ;-)
Dead Heart is where they lost the plot, which is to say: it's when Loomis got a 7 string. As with most metal guitarists who switch to 7 strings, his riffing got lazy as fuck when he realized that chugging on the B is at least as heavy as whatever else he might have worked out. There are a couple good songs on that disc, though. TGE, however, is just boring.

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