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Date:2018-09-27 18:33:30
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Voivod - The Wake. Definitely their best in a long time. Better than Target Earth, maybe better than Outer Limits. Snake is sounding pretty good, especially when he's shouting, although his clean voice is still the weakest link in Voivod. Mongrain is a riffing machine, but I wish his arrangement were a little more chaotic, to truly capture the Piggy feeling of old. The guitar tone is a little toothless as well, but the production in general is appealingly warm. I dig it.
This might be the first Voivod release I actually like. I've tried a few times to enjoy their classics, but Snake's voice was just too annoying. He's like 1000x better on this one.
Stargazer - A Merging to the Boundless. Completing my Stargazer collection. Cool band, but they don't thrill me the way they do some.
They are quite good. I think they got better on each release.
Astharoth - Gloomy Experiments. The new reissue on Dark Symphonies, which includes some demos that weren't collected on the last reissue. Cool tech thrash.
Tech thrash you say? I shall listen.
Orphanage - By Time Alone. I always loved this disc, for reasons that are hard to articulate. At the time, it was one of the few discs you could find that sounded ANYTHING like Meshuggah, although of course wishing for more bands that do the Meshuggah thing turned out to be a monkey's paw situation. Still, this is a fun disc of grooving death metal, with an interesting sense of melody.
You turned me on to these guys iirc. Great band. Probably their best disc.
Negacy - Flames of Black Fire. The best band to play Nevermore style metal, aside from Nevermore, and only then on a couple albums. I'd say Dreaming Neon Black is better for sure, but this is at least as good as the next best Nevermore albums (Enemies of Reality and Politics of Ecstasy, for those playing at home) and far better than all the others. They've got a new one coming out any day now, and I'm pretty stoked, even though they've replaced their awesome old singer, Marco Piu, who evidently also quit Memento Waltz :(
I like them, but not as much as you. I'll keep an eye out for the new one.
Ketzer - Satan's Boundaries Unchained. This is not normally something I'd listen to, and I'll be honest - I clicked on the YouTube link mainly to see what kind of music would accompany the absolutely ridiculous cover art. Turns out, it's kind of like a blackthrash take on Bolt Thrower, with totally shredded vocals. Every song is a little too long, and the lyrics are horrid, but something about this works for me. Their next album, Endzeit Metropolis, is also quite cool, although it has more of a mechanical black metal vibe, kinda like Drottnar but with more death metal sounds. I need to further investigate this band!
Starless is a huge shift in direction. Think Disillusion Gloria levels of style change. I liked it, but it's nothing like the first two.
Entheos - Primal. EP of more-technical-than-usual djenty death metal. Good stuff, if a bit samey, in the way all things djent-adjacent always is.
I didn't know they had an EP prior to The Infinite Nothing. I rather enjoyed that one, but didn't care for the follow-up much. I'll check this out.

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