Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2018-09-27 17:27:56
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by MitchG
Raven - Architect of Fear. The best Raven album, hands down. This is really the only album they ever made with a "serious" vibe to it. Every other Raven album is suffused with the goofy charm the brothers Gallagher bring to their live performances, but this album is as dark as Raven could possibly be. I love it.
Hmm...I'll need to check this out; never heard it. I'm a heathen that still fondly looks on Stay Hard as my favorite Raven album!

In my defense, that's the first I heard them and I saw them on that tour...what a blast.
I love those Atlantic albums, although I like Stay Hard less than The Pack is Back and Life's a Bitch. SH and TPIB are cheesy as fuck, but that's okay for Raven. And yeah, definitely check out AoF. It's a totally different thing, but still killer.

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