Today I learned that Born in the USA is not actually a patriotic song.

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2018-09-25 20:56:28
Did you ever listen to the actual lyrics of the song besides the annoying "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORN IN THE USAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY I WUS" part? I always assumed he was just moaning random America stuff in between, like in America Fuck Yeah. But wow, it turns out the song actually has a very important anti-America message. It's saying "if you were born here in the states, sorry, you're FUKT bro!"

I used to think Bruce Springsteen was the worst person of all time. The most obnoxious monster in music history in fact, with his disgraceful song writing and horrible singing voice. But now that I know he hates America, I think he is a historically significant hero and a fantastic musician with some seriously mad chops. Shame about the vocals.

NP: Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia. What a well written song, with an interesting message: that people in the US should all get AIDS and die. Ok that's pushing it a bit too far, I admit. Even I'm all like "woah Bruce, calm the fuck down" on that one. But still, such a carefully composed piece of musical genius, right up there with the best pieces from Stravinsky and Children of Bodom.

Has he ever written a song about how perfect Canadian Socialism is? It wouldn't surprise me. He's a smart cookie.

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